My Nintendo DS

I get bored easily, just like my mum:).
I have all the best toys in the world (well, for me they are the best…) from Transformers, Lego, Cars, Trains, you name them. But, I always want to play something different every day.

Luckily, I have my Nintendo DS with over 100 games in it. Today, I play a new game, it’s called Junior Brain Trainer. It’s my mum’s fave game, cause she doesn’t like other games in my DS, such as racing car, Kung Fu Panda, and Mario Bross.

It’s hard at first to play this new game, but after several efforts, I can handle it. I did it, mum!.

I haven’t mastered it yet, but at least I can do it…

But I still need a friend, mum. I know you bought me DS so that I can play by myself.

But sometimes I want to play with you and dad. Please play with me on weekends, please don’t do anything else…..

Posted in London, UK