Float like a cadillac, sting like a beamer

It’s exactly what I want to do when I have my new scooter,”Float like a cadillac, sting like a beamer”.

Going fast… as cool as like Lightning McQueen in Disney’s Cars. Ka-Chow !

But… London…London…London… A great place with not a great weather.

It was raining the whole day and I couldn’t go to the park nearby to play with my new scooter.
So, we decided to go to Canary Wharf Shopping Center. It’s not far from our place and only takes 10 minutes by DLR.

It wasn’t that easy to find the good spot to play scooter in the busy shopping center.

But after going around the mall, we finally got a very good spot for me to play with my scooter.

Thanks mum and dad for taking me here..

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