One day in Stamford Bridge

It’s time to visit the Stamford Bridge. They are not playing that well so far and still in the 5th position. Mum said maybe Chelsea need the support from their truly blue supporter like her. Alright Mum, let’s do it. Let’s support Chelsea.

Unfortunately, we do not get the best spot. It’s just a little bit too far at the top. Can’t really see the players, really, only their shirt numbers.

On the second half, finally Chelsea make a breakthrough and score 2 goals. Mum is maybe right, that Chelsea need support from their truly blue fans. Let’s take some pictures before we leave the Stamford Bridge.

Daddy met his old friend, Juandi Tan, who according to Dad is one of the highest paid SAP consultant. But, sorry girls he is taken

After the match, we went to Westfield to have a dinner. It’s in a Malaysian restaurant called Jom Makan.

“This Tea Tarik is super nice….” (Tea tarik = Malaysian traditional tea).

Not only that, I also have a chance to meet a new Indonesian friend in London. Her name is Nadira. Nice meeting you…

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