Eid Mubharak

It’s just around 1 week to go before the big day for all Moslem in the world; Eid ul Fitr. This year, for Eid-ul Fitr’s card, instead of using some pictures with Eid Mubharak’s wishes from the internet, Dad would like to make his own card. He needs a model for this. Off course he doesn’t have that budget to hire a good looking and sexy model for this, and oh yeah, it’s Eid ul Fitr, he can’t even use good looking and sexy model for the card.

It has to be the one who has that Angelic looks, innocent, and good smile. Yes, it’s me… Delfin :) . He is using me as a his model. Okay Daddy, bring it on. I am ready.

Those are the final result, not bad right?.

But actually, this is not easy. Especially when an amateur photographer like Dad taking the pictures. Need hours and lots of trials and errors. I even need to change so many clothes, from casual to baju koko. Anyway below are the pictures that are not being used. There are heaps in Daddy’s laptop; trust me you don’t want to spend your time just to check on those pictures.

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