Recipes from the heart …

We are not coming from a family who like to cook good food. Daddy and Mummy, they only know how to cook Indomie Goreng, Fried Chicken or Egg, and rice. But here in London we do not have a choice, but to cook by ourselves. Food is just too expensive in here.

It has been a long time since we want to buy a good cookbook, either Jamie Oliver’s or Nigella Lawson’s. Mummy said Jamie’s food is good. We also went to his restaurant, tasted his food and liked it. “We should buy his book”, said Dad.

However, Nigella’s cook is easier to follow. Dad saw her in a BBC show and said it would be good for beginners like Mum and himself. Finally we decided to buy our 1st cookbook. “Recipes from the heart of the home” by Nigella Lawson. Daddy doesn’t really like the full tag line. Just stop until ‘heart’ will be good. As people said, “Mum’s cooks are always the best, because she cooks from the heart”.

Anyway here you go, our new book, “Recipes form the heart … ” by Nigella Lawson

And the first recipe that we try is “Spicy Sausage Patties with lettuce wraps“, yup… we don’t use the Lettuce wraps.

Looks yummy on the pan.

And this is the end result.

Mmmm… a little bit too spicy for me, but it tastes good, though. I never think that Mum and Dad can cook this good. Maybe the picture doesn’t really look appealing like in Nigella’s book. But it tastes good.

Here you go the full recipe… Hope Nigella doesn’t mind if we copy and paste her recipe in here. At the end of the day we are just trying to help her promote her book :D

Makes 16 patties

400g good quality sausages or sausage meat                     2 tsp chopped fresh corriander

1 tsp grated fresh ginger                                                         1 x 15 ml tbsp vegetable oil

1 green chili, de-seeded and chopped

1 red chilli, de-seeded and chopped                                     to server:

2 tsp English mustard                                                            Leaves from 1 escarole or iceberg

1 garlic clove, peeled and grated                                          Lettuce, or 2 little Gems, to wrap sausage patties

Zest 1 lemon, finely grated                                                    pitta breads or flat breads, warmed

1 thin or 1 fat spring onion, finely chopped                       2 – 3 limes, cut into wedges

  • Cut a nick in the sausage skins and gently squeeze the sausage meat out of the casings into a bowl, or simply put the sausage meat in a bowl, then add the ginger, chillis, mustard, garlic, lemon zest, spring onion and coriander
  • Mix everything together thoroughly, and then make patties by using a cook’s tablespoon (15 ml) measure for each one or just go by eye and feel, as you pull out roughly a walnut sized amount (or a tiny a bit less) at a time and shape it into a fat, little disc
  • Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook the patties over a medium heat for about 3 minutes a side. Watch they don’t catch too much; you want them to look temptingly scorched on outside, but not until you know they’re properly cooked through.
  • Transfer to a serving platter and arrange the lettuce leaves and breads to wrap the patties in on another plate. Put some of the lime wedges alongside, too, and anything else you want to eat with them.
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